Twitter User with handle name, bankemusic isbIn Tears After Losing Her Sister, Moradeun to the cold hands of death because of the Police Report.

She took to her page on twitter to cry out saying..

@segalink please help me I beg you my heart can’t take it please!!! My sister was on her way back home from Work to her house in Gbagada around 7pm

@segalink She was robbed and was also stabbed. People were watching . Sir I don’t know please what would you have done

@segalink Then bystanders later rushed her to R.Jolad hospital in Gbagada but the doctors said they can not treat her expect she has a police report ahhh sir someone was stabbed in the neck. Police report that what sir.

@segalink MY SISTER IS DEAD. Someone please pinch me. Who will help me like this!!!!



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