This is the girl Suleiman Isah dump for white lady that’s old to be his Mother.

Suleiman 23yrs while Jearnne 46yrs are planning to get marry soon after Jearne he met on instagram visited him and promised to sponsored Suleiman university degree in USA and help him financial.

My question is will you continuing with the plan as a guy and as a girl what will be your reactions as a Suleiman girlfriend if you were in their shoes?


  1. eh as now our youngest sisters always like elderly man to married them live the youngest boys to married their choice eg some girls are married their fathers ega mate because of money that is the young boys are looking for the our no love again so they will get money or to achieve his goals

  2. Well,we all know how hard Nigeri is ,who doesn’t wants a good life.age is just numbers and suleman is a Muslim and entitiled to four wives.there are many people who do so many things bad marrying his mother’s age doesn’t matter,sulaiman this is the hard way and the only way.just pray over it so that her promises will come

  3. Comment:Is 100% better than our dear sisters in my country the worst of all one she will tell is she the one been doing this and that also finally is great achievement to our truly Religion ISLAM


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