US attorney spokesman Joseph Fitzpatrick said that the indictment against Kelly handed down in federal court for the northern district of Illinois also contained charges that revolve around child pornography and obstruction of justice.

The 52-year-old was arrested by NYPD and Homeland Security officials. This is coming after the singer has been accused of different sexual abuse crimes for over two decades.
Till his recent arrest, Kelly was free on a $1 million bond set in February 2019.

in reaction to what the viewers thought about his arrest, it sounds like a lot of people are excited about this particular arrest because the singer’s action has damaged the dignity of a lot of women.

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A 13 count felony indictment, on top of those 11 state charges… is going to die in prison. For damaging those young girls for life, I’m okay with that fact, now let’s get this popping!

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He needs to be brought down too. It took decades to get r Kelly to this point.. let’s hope it doesn’t take that long for trump.

Finally! This monster gets caught and the Feds don’t mess with pornography and neither does God!



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