Nigerians explains the attitude of NEPA and how they have been treating their customers when they go to pay for NEPA bills, some say that the people provide light, don’t have light in their office to even attend to customers, that even their generator is constantly without fuel to fuel the generator, as the generator itself is so horrible.

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itunu of lagos
Don’t shout when the light comes… If not they go just carry their thing back… They don’t give a fuck about y’all curses… Nepa man be like… That shii ain’t matter to me…

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I know one of their office where they never have petrol to put in the generator. And if you see the generator on the tyre they placed it, you will pity the generator.
Electricity shocks But nothing shocks like going to NEPA office to pay bill and they tell you to come back because there is no light. Chai!



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