Nicki Minaj last night announced to her fans all over the world that she is calling it quit with music.

The US star rapper took to her Twitter handle to reveal that she would be retiring from music in order to be able to have her own family and settle down.

She also revealed in the tweet questioning her haters if they are happy now that she is leaving the music scene. The rapper had to encourage her fans to live through the pains she is causing but never lose themselves and continue to love and support her even till her demise from the actual world.

In respect to this statement made by the rapper, it triggered a lot of comment from her fans all around the world, who felt she was initially joking with her tweet when she said she was going to retire, lots of her fans made emotional tweets, pleading with the rapper to call off her retirement and give more to music, and some congratulated her, saying she had given her best and it was that time of the year she called it off, there were several tweets coming through with different emotions from fans all over the world.

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