Nigerian most talked about artistes are Wizkid and Davido, both of which have been relevant in the music industry for years now and counting.

In the month of July both of them had a memorable month to remember as Wizkid featured in Beyonce’s “Lion King’s” album with the song “Brown Skin” a beautiful song off course and on the other hand, Davido featured Chris Brown in a single titled “Blow My Mind” the fact is both songs are doing massively well and getting much praise from their fans.

Talking about fans commending their songs, this is what a fan had to say about the duo’s songs, which one he thinks is a better song, off course you can say that Wizkid’s fans and Davido’s fans are still in war about their stars and won’t give up for anything.

A fan thinks that Wizkid’s song is a normal song, it only became a special song because Beyonce was part of the song, and things that Davido’s Blow My mind is a better song, he went on to compare Lyta’s “Mwionalisa” to Brown Skin Girl, adding that it is a better song than Wizkid’s song.

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Wizkid fans never cease to amuse me. That brown skin girl is just a normal song but just because Beyonce is on it, they overhyped it. Blow my mind is actually a better song but wizkid fans won’t admit. Lyta’s Monalisa is better than that brown skin girl sef.


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