Nigerian comedian Bovi disclosed that he has hosted 53 weddings in the history of his career and none of these marriages have crashed. He added that even those that cracked got mended in no time.

The comedian did not end there but further disclosed that every single lady who avoided the tossing of the bride’s bouquet are still not married.

He revealed this on his instagram page.

His post reads: “I’ve been hosting weddings since 2006. However from 2013 when I teamed up with my manager till today I have hosted 53 weddings and guess what; all those marriages are still intact. Even the ones that cracked got mended. And every single girl that has avoided the tossing of the bouquet when I called them out have remained single and will remain single till 2042. Moral of the story is, I have anointing. Now when people ask “who’s hosting your wedding”, even if you lie and say “it’s Bovi”, your marriage will last. I can’t help it. May your blessings coming this week last long just because I say so…. in The mighty name of Jesus.”


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