House of Representatives Speaker, Yakubu Dogara, on Monday, described the Buhari administration’s cash distribution to the Nigerians close to the 2019 general election as vote – buying. .

He declared that no matter how noble the administration’s intent may be, such endeavours amount to vote buying and inducement of potential voters, which is a clear case of corruption. Speaking at a public hearing organised by the National Assembly Joint Committee on INEC and Political Parties Matters on vote – buying and improving the electoral processes in Nigeria, Dogara said the act of inducing the public with cash in exchange for their votes is a fraud that is covered within Section 124 (1)(a)(b)(c), Section(124)(2)(4)(5) and Section 130 of the Electoral Act. .

He stated that financial inducement for votes contravenes the fundamental objectives and directive principles of state policy as enshrined in the constitution, complaining of lack of political will by government to implement laws that would deter violators.


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