5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Yoghurt 


Like the average Nigerian, my love for fizzy drinks cannot be over emphasized. Drinks like Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Pepsi to mention a few has taken over our hearts but have you ever considered taking yoghurt as much as you take other drinks?

Yoghurt is gotten from milk and is made by bacterial fermentation but it has proven to be of more benefit than any fizzy drink that mostly contains sugar. When I think of yoghurt, the sour taste is what comes to mind but that mindset has been changed since I came in contact with sweetened yoghurt. It is not too sugary and not overly sour either.

  1. Yoghurt has great benefits as it is extremely rich in protein which is an essential nutrient for cell growth. As we grow older, protein helps keep our body regulated and fight off various illness. Protein in the body helps repair body tissue and build muscle. So, say yes to yoghurt!
  2. Yoghurt protects your Intestines and immune system. Since yoghurt is rich in probiotics which are made up of bacteria and yeast,these good microorganisms lives in our intestines to keep us healthy.
  3. Yoghurt clears facial blemish and gives you smooth skin. Yoghurt contains lactic acid which helps exfoliates your skin. If applied on your face with a mixture of olive oil and honey, you don’t need to buy those expensive cleansing cream.
  4. Yoghurt can also keep you going when you’ve just had a rigorous work-out session or an empty stomach. It gives you nutrient necessary for you to recover as though you just ate.
  5. Do you want to stay slim ? Take a good bowl of full-fat yoghurt and you are unlikely to gain weight because it does a lot to your waistline. It keeps you in shape.


Isn’t it ironic that yoghurt contains low level of fat and we barely take it ? Try taking yoghurt, enjoy it better while frozen and jazz it up with fruits.

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