Lost – A Short Story


Rattle! Rattle! Rattle!
Well, that’s my alarm clock waking me for the umpteenth time that morning. I tried to turn but I knew I would only be closing my eyes for another ten minutes of doing absolutely nothing. I won’t be sleeping either. A friend of mine did tell me, sleeping is an activity, so is doing nothing.

Yeah, that morning, I start my slapping around, I was looking for my other pair of eyes. I happened to have had them all my life, my christening pictures were the only few that had them absent.
I do have a bad eye sight, inherited and worse than every other, coupled with my big mass of unrelaxed hair which was left that way intentionally. My hair means a lot to me and its the only special thing I appreciate about my creation. Uhm, where was I? I found it and put it on, I looked around my room it was empty apparently my room mate has disappeared for the day. Its the usually way, we had two things in common, a room and hellos. She wasn’t friendly, maybe it was me. We’ve been that way for two long months.

That morning, after finding my way out of the bathroom, I wore a long denim jacket, black leggings and blue sneakers. I struggled with my hair and finally walked out of the hostel.

I’m sorry but I sincerely never made any friends and everyone that saw me, I’m sure would have their fair share of looking at my mass of hair, they ask questions like: ‘Is this your real hair?’ ‘What weave is this?’ The questions never enthralled me, it bugged me.

Everyone knows me because of my hair and that’s the major reason I am noticed but no one notices me. I have every new thing you can think about, my phone is sure the latest iPhone but I’ve got nothing.

I barely speak.
I barely smile.
I barely share.
I barely live.
I barely exist.

As I walked past a groupie and saw how they shared laughs. I ached deep inside and I wish I knew what to do about me. I’m sure I have a sense of humor and I know how to smile. I believe I would know how to talk a lot and allow people do silly stuff with me.
It’s terrible to admit but I need someone to give me a chance after losing the only person I did have such memories with.


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