Freelancing in Nigeria – Roles freelancers play in Business Success

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Despite the fact that freelancing in Nigeria is still at a growing stage, two good things are happening in the sector. First, smart business owners are reaping the benefits of the available freelancers; second, skilled freelancers are making good money from the available freelancing work.

Up to the present time, there were so much debate on whether companies should employ the services of freelancers or not. At the same time, many were not confident on the quality of service freelances will produce.


Things are changing for good. Big companies, Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and other online business owners are riding on the juicy opportunities presented to them through the world of freelancing. Even though it is a new way of securing jobs in the country, experience and skilled freelancers are making the most of the virgin market.

Diving straight into the available opportunities of using freelancers, here are some stuffs Nigeria businesses need to know when it come to the world of freelancing:

Freelancing in Nigeria as a way forward for businesses

Come to think of this, why do organizations need to embrace the freelancing in Nigeria culture? Well…..simply because productivity time needs to be improved and at the same time, cost should be at its lowest. As a matter of fact, one of the basic factors that contribute to the success of a business is productivity time. That is to say, making use of available freelance resources to achieve the best possible result.

Let us look at it this way as a business owner, you have a million and one task that need to be done. The, how will you get it done in record time? Not only that, but also get the task done to perfection. The answer lies within the freelancing world.

One good thing about this is, it’s a mutually beneficially working relationship; freelancers get the financial benefits and flexibility in working hours while employers get the following:

1. Financial Benefits:

By and large, one of the most important factors that contribute to the success of a business is keeping cost (expense) to the minimal; of course, staff salary/ wages can is a major part of the cost we are talking about here. In other words, you have a reduction in overhead cost.

In addition to you saving on wages, you can also save some few quids on paying staff benefits. Such benefits you will be saving on includes, staff health insurance, holiday benefits to staff, National Insurance contributions and many more.

Another key point is the cost of infrastructure. With full time staff, business owners are responsible for providing work-space and equipment necessary for the job; whereas, freelancers are responsible for themselves. On this, you have cost saving advantage

2. Business Success:

Truly, Business opportunities and success should be a the number 1 target for business owners. For example, let us take a look at what is happening in this sector. According to a report from and quoted below:

Facebook is one of the companies FlexJobs cited as having been on the hunt for freelancers. The company has specifically sought those in the project management category. Also in that category, media agency BBC Worldwide and Seattle-based advertising agency, Razorfish, have been looking for talent.


In the IT and computer realm, companies like VMware, IBM, CompuCom have been on the lookout for contingent workers, and have posted ads to recruit people to fill positions like Web developer, senior network engineer, and systems administrator.

Above citations from:

As shown above, the mentioned companies in the quotes understand the importance of using freelancers to grow their business.

Earlier on this page, I spoke about “productivity time”. If your business is to be successful, you should be spending your time on your core competency, while you leave skill freelancers to take care of other important roles. This will have an overall business process improvement on your business.

3. Availability:

Often, when recruiting staff for a new position, you will need to wait for weeks or months before the new staff resume. Even, these new individual can be funny at times. Some of them make unreasonable demands when

With freelancers, companies do not have to wait. Yes, this is true about freelancing in Nigeria nowadays; as a matter of fact, these gig guys are always motivated to do an excellent job and at the same time, get it done in record time.

Since their livelihood depend on client’s project, they are more committed to doing excellent jobs. This on its own is a benefit to businesses. Therefore, they are available to take on the next project in their field of expertise.

Looking at this from another angle, freelancers hardly phone in sick or call to say they are not available to work today; this is usually the trait of some full-time staff.

Another key point, freelancers are always available for upgrades and future improvement of a project; you can always rely on them, whereas, when a full time staff leave an organization, a project upgrade may suffer.

4. Experience and Skills:

Up to the present time, freelancing in Nigeria has suffered. But in recent time, the sector is booming like no mans’ business for all stakeholders. Skilled freelancers making money while business owners getting the right worker. This is a win-win situation for everybody.

Without doubt, good freelancer comes with lots of experiences.The sort of experience and skills that most organization look for. In fact, they are there to use their skills in helping you in various ways, such as areas where you need technical or business help (sometimes not the way you see it).

Because freelancers are come from outside your organization, you will look at task in holistic way. By so doing, they will be able to give you a better advise on solutions required.

5. Training:

Freelancing in Nigeria is good. As you will agree with me, continuous training of staff is good for the growth of an organization; but this is additional expense to the company. Recruiting a skilled gig individual from Nigeria jobs or freelance websites gives you a complete package. Since freelancers provide services and they are usually specialist in their field, you will probably need to give them minimal training on the task at hand.

This is an additional benefit. You will be saving money and time on training an employee. Inasmuch as you do your due diligence and asked the right questions when trying to hire a freelancer, you are surely going to get the right candidate for the job.

Hiring a freelancers will require not only to ask questions but also to be able to define your expectations. In the gig world, only newbies are not that skilled; the experience ones will hardly need you to train them.

6. Flexibility:

As mentioned in point 3 above, most gigs professionals are flexible. That is to say, they prefer to work at their own working hours. These guys are more productive when they do what they know how to do best without anyone telling them when to do it. In addition to that, freelancers do not have to work any set hours.

Hiring full-time, part-time or contract staff literally mean your organization will set them hours of work. This can sometimes be at an advantage to you because, you may be paying them for some unproductive hours; this may be an unnecessary expenses.

In the freelancing world, you will only pay the freelancer on the actual hours they put into production. Than mean you do not have to pay for unnecessary time off of full time staff.

7. Reduced Risk:

Generally speaking, employers have lower risk when they do employ freelancers to take up projects. Why is this so? Because freelancers are not employees; so they have limited right. Such rights includes – Right to unemployment insurance and other workers compensations. In addition, you can fire at will if things are not working right.

Because you are paying for experience, your risk is reduced. As a matter of fact, the only risk you take is the initial risk of hiring a freelancer. Thereafter that, your risk is at minimal.

8. Better work quality:

Since freelancers run their own business, they generally provide a better quality work output. Simply because their business depend mainly on repeat customers, repeated use of their skills and most on referrals. They surely know within themselves that a better quality job will always bring more jobs to them; therefore, they tend to always give their best on all projects.

Unlike some full or part time staff, who sometimes just work on instructions and supervision to produce quality work, freelancers work with minimal training, no supervision and work alone (sometimes as part of a team).

Furthermore, staff in general have their highs and lows. But with a freelancers, they have to be at the top of their game at all time because their livelihood depend on it.

9. Innovation:

At this stage, freelancing in Nigeria should be embraced; not only because they help in reducing unnecessary expenses, but also because it brings innovation to business.

Day by day, there are various innovations and discoveries all around the world. Due to the fact that these gig workers are exposed to different technology each time, they are more likely bring in more innovation to your business. This in turn will help in your business bottom line. That is to say that you do not have to pay for additional hand to help out.

10. Global Reach:

The world is becoming smaller each day when it comes to the way we communicate and do other stuffs. adapt to different organization cultures. In addition, they are good team player.

The greatest advantage of using a freelancers is to redesign and restructure you business. What do I mean by that? As we know, freelancers are temporary staff that come in handy; in other words, they are “on demand staff”. They are there to grow your business when the need arises and at the same time, fill in the gap instead of hiring a full time staff.

With the amount of global experience some of them has, they will put it to work in whatever role you need them to. They may use it on a particular project or to help you redesign your business process.


Frankly speaking, business owners, big or small should embrace the freelancing in Nigeria culture if they want to achieve more within their business. As pointed out, hiring a freelancer has more than enough advantages than hiring a full time staff.

My take on the freelancing in Nigeria sector is to encourage businesses in the country to take advantage of the available resources in the industry. This will not only help the business in terms of cutting down on cost, but also help in achieving productivity; this in turn will yield to a better returns.



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